Friday, June 17, 2011

Clean teeth and oh what some B Complex can do!

I've been looking up different supplements today.  So far the supplement that looks the best for me is Magnesium Malate, which I found reviewed for fibromyalgia and ME/CFS patients here.  I've been drinking a lot of tea lately, so I've been brushing my teeth extra good.  I have a white smile with no cavities, and I want to keep it that way.  :-)  My toothbrush has been my best friend since I was six.  Yeah, my teeth are very white, but I also have brushed, flossed, and used Listerine or Crest Prohealth all my life.  So it's not like I don't keep them super clean.  It just annoys me when people say something to me about my teeth like I should feel guilty about it and then they only brush their teeth once a week and don't even know how to use dental floss.

I have been taking sublingual liquid B Complex and it has actually changed my life!  When people make those claims from a vitamin I usually have the *roll my eyes* reaction, but I tried taking this anyway and it's amazing.  I have the energy to walk to go to the fridge to get a soda, the energy to shower (though I still have to use my shower chair), the energy to do simple things for myself, like wash a glass or a saucer.  It's amazing!  I can't tell you enough how awesome this stuff is.  Here is mine:

my dad always warned me that if I made faces and got scared my face would stay that way

So I'm really excited about the B Complex.  Mine is sublingual, so I put it under my tongue for 30 seconds before I swallow it.  It doesn't taste good, but it isn't as bad as Women's One a Day vitamin mix.  I am amazed at the difference.  These changes are huge for me.  Since B Complex has been such a success I am very interested in Magnesium Malate and what it may be able to do for me.  Has anyone reading this tried it yet?  


  1. I have, and personally found it did nothing for me. I know it causes a lot of bad symptoms if you're low, and too much calcium can deplete you of your magnesium even more. So many great things it can do, I think everyone should try it just to see if it helps!

  2. I read in Findrxonline opiates such as vicodin and oxycodone painkillers are used to relieve backaches and pains and joints that are referred to as fibromyalgia. It is administered in lower doses that it requires and the fight against seizure to prevent pain is transmitted to the central column and eventually to the brain.

  3. Maintaining a set of white, strong teeth truly requires a lot of effort. Good thing you found out about that. How did you know about that product? It's very helpful, but it is still advisable to visit a dentist regularly. Experts know what's best after all.

  4. Avoid Vitamin B6 in pyridoxine form unless you want brain damage and nightmares.

    Avoid high doses of Vitamin B3 in niacin form to avoid toxicity.

  5. Helpful. I love how you managed to share how b complex can help us even more to have an even healthier teeth. Me and my chandler dentist appreciates this so much! Thanks a lot for sharing. Have a nice day!


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