Monday, December 27, 2010

I heart my liver. What do you love?

The human body is amazing, really.  I've been reading about all of the things it does on a daily basis and I am amazed.  Sometimes those of us with chronic illnesses need to be reminded that there is so much working right with our bodies.  It is easy for me to see what is wrong with my body.  I could give you a list of labels, like: fibromyaglia, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, IBS, PCOS, Complex-PTSD...  I could give you a list of symptoms: chronic pain, joint dislocations, brain fog, chronic headaches, gastrointestinal problems, flashbacks, hot flashes... Do I ever sit down though, and think of all the things that my body does well?  Not really, but I should.  I think we should all give our bodies credit for all the hard work it goes through.  I know may I sound as if our bodies and ourselves were completely separate entities, but I don't mean that.  I am proud of my body.  I'm proud of my intelligence (yes, your brain is part of your body), my face, my smile, and the extra skin under my arms and on my tummy that came from losing 100 pounds.  Now the extra skin is "plumped up" because I've gained weight but I hope to "deflate" my tummy again soon.  Either way I love me.  I love my thighs, because they are strong.  I love my feet because they ground me.  I love my fingers because on days when they hurt I appreciate them so much more.  I love my liver, because I almost I almost died right before I met my DH.  I would definitely have been on the liver transplant list if it wasn't for my "hell of a liver," as the doctor in the ICU put it.  So the more I learn about the human body the more I appreciate it.  We are true works of art in motion.  We should be proud of not only who we are but our bodies and minds.  I think this is especially important with people who have chronic illnesses.

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