Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Its the "May Photo a Day" new photo challenge starting May 1st

1. I bought this!
2. Morning ritual
3. This is really good!
4. In my cup
5. Paper
6. Broken
7. Something beginning with F
8. Shape
9. Snack
10. Stars
11. A smile
12. Mother
13. Sundrise/Sunset
14. Need
15. 7 O'Clock
16. Mailbox
17. Season
18. Want
19. My favorite view
20. Light
21. I care about this...
22. Change
23. PJs
24. Go
25. Us
26. Fave things to do on a Sunday
27. Can't live without
28. What you're doing now
29. Kiss
30. Tool
31. Four Things

I want to point out that my advice is just that-advice. Please consult a doctor before exercising or changing your treatment routine. I am not a physician or physical therapist. I am a patient who hopes that by telling my story and educating the public on fibromyalgia and ME/CFS I can help someone.

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