Saturday, May 21, 2011

Health Activist Writer's Challenge: Health Acrostic

Day 1  Health Acrostic - Write an arostic for your condition or the word HEALTH.

IBS (common with fibro)
Burning pain
Reynauds (common with fibro)
Old feeling (I feel ancient!)
Missing out on life
Youth stolen
Analgesics (all pain medications, including Tylenol, NSAIDs, and Opiates)
Lyrica (a FDA approved fibro med)
Glia (cells that play a part in the Central Nervous System) 
Individuals (don't let your doctor treat you like all fibromites are the same!)
Allodynia (pain due to a stimulus that does not normally provoke pain)

Mental fog (also called "brain fog," or in the case of fibro, "fibro fog")
Central Sensitization (entire central nervous system becomes sensitized to a stimulus, causing amplified pain signals)
Sick a lot

This was a lot harder than it looks!

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