Friday, May 27, 2011

Health Activist Writer's Challenge: Word of the Day Post!

Day 2  Word of the Day Post! Go to and write a post inspired by their WOTD - or grab a dictionary (or any book) from your bookshelf, open to a page, and write about that word. Can you link the word to your condition somehow?

I went to and the word of the day is:

 \DUH-juhn\ , noun;
A state or fit of intense indignation; resentment; ill humor -- often used in the phrase "in high dudgeon."

Higgins was so frustrated by such a basic error that he stormed out of the arena for the mid-session interval in high dudgeon.
-- Phil Yates, "Stevens begins to feel pressure as Swail stages customary revival", Times (London), April 29, 2000 
This woman is forever in a state of spiritual high dudgeon, and a list of her dislikes is as long as the Omaha phone book.
-- Jim Harrison, The Road Home 
What you see, they reckon, is all there is: a media star of fading allure--and shortening temper, if his dudgeon over a television soap-opera satire about him called "How was I, Doris?" (a reference to his fourth wife) is anything to go by.
-- "Gerhard Schröder, embattled chancellor", The Economist, September 18, 1999
The origin of dudgeon is unknown.

I was in a state of high dudgeon when I found out that fibromyalgia facilitates a loss in gray matter and premature aging of the brain.  How dare fibro mess with yet another part of me?  I admit, I was quite upset when I first heard about it, but I was more angry than sad.  I was pissed at fibro, for it changing my life, and now for it to be causing a loss in my gray matter and making my brain age faster.  It's just one more thing in a long list of what fibro can do to your body.  One study shows that gray matter loss is caused from low-dopamine in the brain.  We don't know yet if that is really the case.  It usually takes a lot of studies with the same result to know that something is true.  The longer you have fibromyalgia, i.e. you've had it since childhood, the more gray matter you lose.  The study I read says that people with ME/CFS do not have premature brain aging or loss of gray matter, while fibromyalgia has both.  I hope that someday soon, doctors will be able to stop this horrible result from fibromyalgia.

Homer Simpson's brain...and that's without fibro!

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