Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Truth About Doctors

Warning: this blog will probably be a bit negative, though true, about the shitty medical system in the USA.

Okay, let's face it-your doctor doesn't give a damn about you.  Doctors go home at the end of the day and leave the office behind.  Doctors do not care how bad your pain is, because they don't have to experience it.  Doctors became doctors for money and status, not because they are altruistic and want to make the world a better place.  You can beg your doctor to send you to physical therapy, but that would require picking up a pen and writing a script for it.  Doctors don't care if your body falls apart.  Doctors don't give a damn if you cry multiple times a day, every day, in excruciating pain.  They just plain don't care.  They want to do as little work as possible, and writing out that script for physical therapy is just too much work for a doctor to do.  A doctor has better things to do, like lord over others and perfect the art of being a horse's ass.  It isn't that your doctor hates you, though s/he might; instead doctors are apathetic and could care less.  Doctors do not care about being educated on fibromyalgia, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, or any other medical illness you may have.  A doctor will often hand you back educational materials with a smirk.  A rheumatologist can't get a crying, limping, and barely able to walk patient in excruciating pain out of their office fast enough because watching someone cry is boring to them and puts a crimp in their style.  Geneticists love to talk down to you; in their mind you aren't very intelligent or you'd be a geneticist like them.  Neurologists don't give a damn how many seizures you have as long as he doesn't have to be called to the ER again.  After that the neuro will give instructions to not go to your hometown ER for multiple seizures anymore because he doesn't want to mess with it.  He will tell you to go to a bigger city.  It puts a crimp in a nueuro's style to have to watch his/her patient seizing.  Primary care physicians are a joke.  They aren't a funny joke, either.  PCPs will not do anything beyond drawing a CBC (Complete Blood Count) and writing out a referral.  They don't feel like messing with anything else; perhaps it is because they aren't smart enough to do anything else.

The sad truth is that today's physician doesn't give a damn about you or any other patient.  Learning this will make you cynical, but at least you won't be surprised anymore.


  1. "PCPs will not do anything beyond drawing a CBC (Complete Blood Count) and writing out a referral."

    If you are lucky, the PCP will give you a referral to a specialist you are interested in, but I've found more often than not that most PCP's I've burned through will refuse to give me a needed referral or, if willing to, will only refer to someone in his/her network/poker game/old doctor's club.

  2. There are doctors out there who do care. It is a struggle at times to find them as well.

  3. I couldn't start to tell you how much I agree with this..........they really don't care. I literally have been to 8 different doctors who thought the answer to everything was anti-depressants!(I don't know how many screaming fights I've found myself in saying its the pain that makes me depressed, not the other way around!) They don't know how to diagnose me now that my knees have been a swollen greyish red since November 1st. Supposedly, through my own doctors, I have PCOS, POTS, Fibro, and probably rheum. arthritis. I have the greatest sympathy for you as a fellow sufferer of the unknown!


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